Intended Parents FAQs

Is surrogacy legal in Australia?

Non-Commercial surrogacy is legal in Australia. Commercial surrogacy is illegal.

Overseas commercial surrogacy is illegal in Queensland, NSW and ACT but it is believed no-one has been charged under this legislation.

Please refer to Department of Home Affairs and  SmartTraveller for detailed information.


Can the child be brought back to home country?

Loves Choice can introduce legal professionals to you and your child can return home country with you smoothly.
Whether you are from Australia, New Zealand or mainland China, the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, proper legal services ensure that your child returns home smoothly after birth. The cycle for processing a child's travel certificate is about 3-8 weeks.

How much does the surrogacy cost?

Please refer to the package price page.

Can I choose the baby’s gender?


Can I have twins?

Yes. The cost of twins normally increased by 6,000 AUD to cover surrogacy mother and additional medical expenses for childbirth.

Can I use my own eggs?

Yes. There are certain requirements for women's age and physical conditions.

Can I retrieval eggs locally?

Yes. We can arrange egg cryogenic transfer.

Where does the surrogate mother come from?

From the country you do the surrogacy, or your friend or relative who want to be surrogate mother in Australia.

Can you provide egg donor identity?

Intended parents can meet the egg donors in person, they can view her academic certificate, university photos, but agencies cannot provide the name of the egg donor.

How to ensure a surrogate mother has a healthy lifestyle?

Before the surrogacy begins, clinics will test the surrogate mother for drugs, alcohol, nicotine, and mental health. The above items are randomly checked during pregnancy.

If I chose to start the process overseas, how many times do I need to go abroad?

Once or twice.

For Australian intended parents, if they choose to transport frozen sperm/egg/embryo, they only need to go abroad one time when the child is born. If the intended parents want to meet the egg donors and surrogate mother in person, they need to go abroad twice.

What legal documents are required?

Documents such as identification of intended parents, authorization letter, etc. We will help you prepare all documents.

Are there any Asian egg donors?

Yes. Egg donors from Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines are available.

I am a single man, can you find a woman to have sex with me and get pregnant?


We are a couple and we have our embryos in Australia, can we have a surrogate?

Yes. You can try to find a surrogate in Australia or use cryogenic transfer service and find a surrogate abroad.

How to pay?

You need to transfer the payment to the hospital.

Do I need to pay in full at once?


Payments are in stages. After each successful stage, pay for the next stage.

Can I pay after the child is born?


Will there be additional costs?

Depending on the package you choose, there may be additional costs. If everything goes well during pregnancy, there is no extra cost.


I am a single woman and want to have my own child. Can I have a surrogate?

Yes. Clinics can provide sperm banks and surrogate mothers.

I am a single man, can I have my own baby?

Yes. You can choose an egg donor and a surrogate mother.

Me and my boyfriend/girlfriend do not have a marriage certificate, can I have a surrogate?


We are a gay couple; can we have our own baby/babies?

Yes. You can choose the same egg donor, so that the children are half brothers or sisters.



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