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Loves Choice is an Australian consulting company based in Melbourne. We provide travelling and accommodation information, coordination and translation services to Medical Travellers.

We support the Medical Travellers to enjoy a comfortable trip and easier life while they are overseas.

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Services Include:

  • Medical Travelling Information

  • Supportive Counselling (Psychology)

  • Information of Overseas Clinics

  • Medical Travel Advice

  • Visa Application Assistance

  • Overseas Airport Pickup and Drop-off

  • Accommodation or Accommodation Booking

  • Assistance with Legal Documentation

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Popular Destinations:

  • Ukraine

  • Georgia

  • Mexico

  • United States

  • Thailand

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Medical and Psychology Service Providers:

All medical and psychology services are provided by professional organizations with providers who are suitably qualified and with accreditation from the country where they operate and provide services to patients or clients.

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